Triennial Assessment Report of Wellness Policy July 16, 2024

The District-wide Wellness Committee met on July 16th, 2024 to conduct the triennial assessment of the compliance of the schools within the district with the Board of Education Policy #4310 Wellness Policy.

The Committee consolidated the results of the school-level reviews conducted using the New York State Wellness Policy Assessment Tool. The results indicated that overall all schools are in compliance with the existing wellness policy. It was noted in discussion that there is an increased need to promote the resources that we currently have available and alternatives to traditional celebration snacks (e.g. cupcakes).

Throughout the year, the committee has recommended changes to the Board policy and indicated a need to reinstate building-level wellness committees. Since COVID and recent changes within administration, a number of district-wide committees were paused and in need of a renewed focus and purpose. The Wellness committee met four times this school year and recognized a number of areas that need increased promotion and attention. The district continues to support eight full-time health teachers to encourage health education across the district and is incorporated in their weekly schedules.

Future goals for the committee include the promotion of healthy fundraisers, awareness of resources available within the district, and expansion of committee members to include community-based organizations closely tied to the district as well as the new student board member.