About CPS

Principals' Message

Welcome to Calcium Primary School! Our school is located near Fort Drum serving approximately 650-700 students. We are fortunate to have wonderful students, a caring, dedicated staff and supportive parents who work together to create a positive learning community.

Our staff believes that each child is important. We try to create a safe, comfortable environment where children feel they belong and where academic, social and emotional needs can be addressed. Our school is committed to a strong integrated language arts program that uses multi-disciplinary instruction. Mainstreamed classes are offered for our special needs students, as well as early academic intervention for those students who need additional support. Art, music and physical education are integral parts of the program. Library Media Specialists' services are also provided to support classroom instruction. Character Education is also a focus.

Calcium utilizes the help of many committed parent volunteers who are in our classrooms on a daily basis. We enjoy strong partnerships with our parents and our community which are reflected in our warm, nurturing environment here at Calcium Primary School.

We welcome all local and Fort Drum families back to an exciting school year. Our goal is to always keep communication lines wide open. Please call us or contact us via e-mail if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.

Mrs. Freeman