Bus Riding Procedures

Riding is a privilege that may be suspended or denied upon violation of these regulations:

  1. Be prompt as bus drivers cannot wait.

  2. Enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion.

  3. Face front when bus is in motion and do not leave your seat.

  4. Take your assigned bus only and sit as directed by the driver.

  5. Do not throw papers out of the bus windows.

  6. Keep your arms, hands, and head inside the bus.

  7. Do not use indecent or profane language.

  8. Do not carry potentially dangerous objects when riding the bus. The carrying of potentially harmful items is prohibited in the interest of safety.

  9. No smoking or tobacco products allowed.

  10. Get off bus at assigned places only.

  11. Stay away from bus until it is stopped.

  12. Do not disturb bus driver with unnecessary talk.

  13. Visit with your fellow students in a reasonable manner. Keep your voices down.

  14. Carry your books or musical instrument on your lap.

  15. Students may not ride on a bus not assigned to them without a pass from the office.

  16. Unauthorized persons are not to ride school buses.

  17. Follow bus driver's instructions at all times.

  18. Cross streets only in front of buses while stopped to load or unload observing the ten foot crossing rule.

Bus safety is a priority in our school district. Responsibility for conduct of students while they are waiting for the bus rests with the parents. When the student boards the bus, the school district assumes responsibility until the child leaves the bus at the end of the day. Bus drivers will make every effort to see that children behave on the bus. When a behavior incident arises, the driver will attempt to handle the problem. In the event the driver cannot correct the situation, the discipline problem will be reported to the building principal. When necessary, the parent will be involved. In certain situations where the child will not behave o the bus, it may be necessary for the child to be denied the privileged of riding the bus and the parent will then be responsible for transporting the child to school. We hope that this type of situation will be held to a bare minimum. To assist the school in assuring a safe ride to and from the building by reviewing these rules with their children.

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